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"Labor unions would have us believe that they transfer income from rich capitalists to poor workers. In fact, they mostly transfer income from the large number of non-union workers to a small number of relatively well-off union workers." - Robert E. Anderson

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Gotta Work Sometime

You have to wonder, sometimes, about how sly some of these despots really are. President Obama received a letter from Qaddaffi begging him to stop bombing Libya. Ok, nothing new there... but just read the letter (new window) (here's the beginning):

Our son, Excellency,

President Obama


We have been hurt more morally that physically because of what had happened against us in both deeds and words by you. Despite all this you will always remain our son whatever happened. We still pray that you continue to be president of the U.S.A. We Endeavour and hope that you will gain victory in the new election campaigne.

I gotta say, it reminded me of this (new window):

From: Pastor Kothapalli Prabhakara Rao
Subject: fellowship
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:14:57 +0000 (GMT)

Dear in Christ,
I greet you in the precious name of Jesus. I praise God that He has
privileged me to send this email to you for your kind co-operation to
spread the Gospel and save the perishing soul.
You do not know me, but it has happened for me to find your e-mail
address on the internet. Please for give me for my intrusion like this. I
am Pastor. K.Prabhakara Rao.

Now give Qaddafi some credit. Obama's giving everyone else money, why not him??

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